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Experienced DevOPS Engineer

Full-time · Amsterdam

The role

At Talpa eCommerce we're tackling the fast & exciting world of high-volume real-time auctions. We have ambitions to continue our international expansion and punch above our weight on the eCommerce scene. And for this, we need a pragmatic & experienced engineer to join our DevOps team and help us drive these plans. How to do this, you ask? 
The DevOps team owns the entire Cloud infrastructure, the remaining on-prem servers and related tooling, therefore it's critical for our success. We're in the process of moving all our infrastructure to AWS Cloud and rebuilding it on Kubernetes. So far about 80% of applications have either been moved or were built directly in AWS cloud and the results are great! Remaining 20% of applications are hosted on-prem, and this includes the old monolith application which is being broken down into smaller pieces as we move away from it. So the plan is to accelerate rebuilding the remaining applications from on-prem to AWS cloud, further optimize costs and decommission our on-prem infrastructure

DevOps tech stack: 

  • AWS: Terraform, EKS, Lambda, EC2 (Spot, Auto-scale), RDS, SQS, ElastiCache, SageMaker, EMR
  • On prem: Ubuntu, LXD, Puppet, Jenkins, Zabbix

What are you bringing?

  • Strong skills about operating production applications in public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) & using IaC tools (Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi)

  • Understanding of DevOps concepts and knowledge about building CI/CD pipelines & automation

  • Strong desire to improve the status quo, to achieve results, and to make an impact for your customers. You own the code and the technical solution, and this is normal for you.

  • You boast about application uptime at parties.

  • Solid understanding of K8s or other orchestration tools and Docker or other container runtimes.

  • Familiarity with best practices about redundancy, high-availability, failover mechanisms, backups, load-balancing, network routing.

  • You can explain how basic web/internet technologies work HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP, etc.Deep experience with *nix OSes.

  • You know your way about setting up networks, gateways, configuring firewalls, etc.

A big plus would be if you have:
  • Deep experience with *nix OSes.Experience with managing on-prem hardware.

  • Experience with managing on-prem hardware.

What are we bringing?

  • Solid compensation, pension contributions & 24 days of vacation
  • A great company culture where people are encouraged to speak their mind, strict no blame policy, "you build it, you own it" mentality. In general we strive to create a very safe, fair and warm environment. 
  • International environment with 21 nationalities in the Product & Tech department. We speak English when we don’t use GIFs to make a point

  • Hybrid way of working (3 days from the office; 2 days from home)

  • Hackathons / Workshops/ Tech Demos / periodic feedback sessions / periodic employee surveys - all in the pursuit of better collaboration and continuous improvement

  • Regular celebrations and Friday afternoon drinks

  • Weekly Bootcamps, Yoga classes. 

Our Tech Stack

  • Our Tech Radar - where we are and where we're going - https://radar.emesa.nl/radar.html
  • Programming languages: PHP, Python, Typescript
  • DB & Data: MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS, Airflow
  • DevOps toolset: GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, LXD
  • Infrastructure: AWS & OnPrem
  • Automation: Robot Framework, Selenium, SonarQube, Browserstack
  • Monitoring: NewRelic, Grafana, ELK, Sentry
  • Communication/ Collaboration: Atlassian, Slack, Office 365/ MS teams

About Talpa eCommerce
“Talpa eCommerce?” - we are the driving force behind the high traffic and real time auction labels VakantieVeilingen, Vavabid, Slajeslag and GoWinit. With a rating of 4.4 stars on Trustpilot out of > 29.000 reviews, you can be sure that we're really doing something well for our customers. The deal platform Actievandedag is our other product, a popular choice with the Dutch and Belgian market. Since 2018 we're part of Talpa Network, one of the biggest and most diverse media-tech groups of the Netherlands. As such, Talpa eCommerce belongs to a select group of companies that reach the Dutch crowd with innovative and entertaining content every day.

With APIs totaling hundreds of millions of calls/month, websites handling tenths of millions of page views, mobile applications installed on millions of devices and technical challenges brought by the auction model & international scale e-commerce, we need your help to thrive.

Are you interested? 

Would you like to join our team? Please apply online via the button below. For more information check the Talpa eCommerce company website and our labels Vakantieveilingen.nl, Vakantieveilingen.be, Actievandedag.nl, Actievandedag.be, Vavabid.be , Slajeslag and Gowinit.de

Our communities

Developing yourself in our Academy.

Working out with your colleagues.

Having breakfast with our CEO.

Listening to inspiring e-commerce stories.

Contributing to innovative e-commerce initiatives.

Awesome parties and drinks.